Aniket was introduced to music by his mother Smt. Nandita Chakravarty at a very early age. Having a music-enthusiastic family he got a very musical environment from his parents during his childhood. Later he was introduced to the Sarode by the wish of his father Sri Saibal Kumar Chakravarty, who was a former deputy director of the information and cultural affairs department of the West Bengal government.

As days passed Aniket discovered his keen interest in music and the Sarode became his inseparable part of life from childhood affections to consistent dedication. As a young aspirant in Indian Classical Music, Aniket realised that the awareness of Indian classical music should be more popularized among the younger generation as well as familiar people.

With that essence, Aniket has introduced his brainchild “SUR SADHAK FESTIVAL” An annual classical music conference. He and his wife Mrs. Poulami Chakravarty started the music conference in the year 2022 to promote and encourage classical music and musicians by providing a musical platform and enhancing the popularity of classical music to the people.

Aniket seeks encouragement, blessings, and love from you all to make this venture successfully run in the upcoming days.


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